i accepted the position, i told them i would be able to start on the 29th.  thats moving pretty fast, huh?  well, they called me on friday and asked if i would be able to start any sooner, as in…this week.  i told them i had to think about it.  i mean, i dont want to cut the time i have here any shorter, but hey…money talks and so does getting more time to get situated in the work place.  well, i will be leaving here either tuesday or wednesday and starting the following day.  they told me they will get me a hotel and what not until my apartment is ready that upcoming weekend.

im really excited to start working.  i think this will be a great experience and i hope i learn a lot.  it should be cool to actually work on something that will be used in the real world!


yesterday i had to take the brainbench for tek systems.  this is all for a position in wv.  apparently i did fairly well!  the questions weren’t bad, eventhough the asp test had all the code behind in vb.  good thing, i know at least the basics of vb.

well today, i had a phone interview this morning, it was with the guys at mantech in west va.  they have a navy contract down there and are looking for jr web developers.  they seemed like great guys and i think the work would be great as well.  it seems as though id actually be developing things instead of crunching data.  well, after hearing about mantech, the contract and the position they ran me through some questions.  i scored pretty high and they ended up offering me the position right then. 

 now i am just thinking about it.  i think it will be a great learning experience.  the clearance is definitely a large selling point.  i definitely need this first job on my resume.  i also think living in wv will be a great change of pace, having just come from nj.

so, ive been at interviews this whole week.  i really liked snl financial.  i hope that works out.  charlottesville seems like a great place to live and the building was absolutely amazing.  snl seems like it would be an incredible work environment and everyone there seemed very friendly.  also, through my interview, the knowledge of everyone definitely showed. 

avanade was also great.  the interview was kinda tough though.  however, it seemed like it would be great experience.  consulting would be a great learning experience.  i have no doubts that i would learn a huge deal from working at avanade as a consultant.  the nova area, while expensive, is so different from richmond.  so much newer; i think i would like it.

i also have the staffing companies out there sending my resume out and im also going to apply to a couple positions in the norfolk/va beach area.  so, only time will tell and ill see how it goes.

jobs! oh my!


today i had a technical interview for avanade.  wow, there were some tough questions.  explaining my library project was good practice though.  the whole experience, i must say, was good practice.  i think i did okay, but the interviewer said i did well.  im somewhat anxious to see what the next phase is.

also, snl financial sent me an application for employment and set me up for a fae to face interview.  but whats this?  its three hours long!  whoa, im kinda nervous as to what i could be doing for three hours!  but anyways, i think i would really enjoy working at snl.  kay, the lady helping me with getting the position (and no, i didnt forget about you benu!), told me that it is a very casual environment with many “young go-getters.”  sounds like a great place to me!  also, amanda said that apartments can be had for fairly cheap in charlottesville.  so i guess i’ll look more into it once i get home.

 anyways, time to do some reading.  we got wcf working on our demo project.  i just gotta read up more about it.

so, i finally have some stuff on here.  i cant get aspnetdb.mdf working, so no web parts just quite yet.  so, here is a “placeholder.”  its just a table, with some fieldsets and my rss feeds to my two blogs, panels with scrolling on, menus for links and a calendar.  the web parts will be much more exciting, i promise.  also, the two fieldsets on the right obviously have nothing in them.  everything is being populated via xml files and xml datasources, to help with the updating of the site.  hmm, maybe i should consolidate everything into one xml file?  anyways…they will be getting worked on soon.  ill have a downloads folder and have a brief “readme” javascript popup that goes along with every download.  thanks for lookin guys!

Hello world!


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