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i accepted the position, i told them i would be able to start on the 29th.  thats moving pretty fast, huh?  well, they called me on friday and asked if i would be able to start any sooner, as in…this week.  i told them i had to think about it.  i mean, i dont want […]

yesterday i had to take the brainbench for tek systems.  this is all for a position in wv.  apparently i did fairly well!  the questions weren’t bad, eventhough the asp test had all the code behind in vb.  good thing, i know at least the basics of vb. well today, i had a phone interview this morning, […]

so, ive been at interviews this whole week.  i really liked snl financial.  i hope that works out.  charlottesville seems like a great place to live and the building was absolutely amazing.  snl seems like it would be an incredible work environment and everyone there seemed very friendly.  also, through my interview, the knowledge of everyone […]